Virtual Pilgrimage

10 August 2017

Virtual Pilgrimage, reimagining India's Great Shrine at Amaravati opens at the British Museum and is on display until October 8. The interactive display was developed in partnership with Creative Lab. Using a Wi-Fi network, visitors can bring to life the story of a woman who donated the double-sided carving to the Shrine 20 000 years ago. One side of the relief reveals what the shrine may have once looked like with the Buddha standing in bodily form at the gateway. On the other side, the Buddha is evoked as an empty throne, a Bodhi tree and a pair of footprints, perhaps suggesting his liberation from the earthly realm and the confines of the human body. Read more here.

AUE & Seed

13 April 2017

Today, we launch two new Editions At Play books. The first is by Tea Uglow, titled A Universe Explodes. AUE is an experiment in ownership and blockchain. You can read more about it here and here

Seed by Joanna Walsh, follows the story of a girl on the brink of adulthood. Vulnerable much like Shakespeare’s Ophelia, she is “incapable of her own distress.” Unravel this dark and twisted story.


The Webby Awards

07 April 2017

Editions At Play is a nominee for a Webby Award! We are, unfortunately, up against Pokemon GO. Nonetheless, it does feel nice. 

Brave New World

02 april 2017

My students are responding to the ISTD student brief on banned books, which coincidentally, was written in partnership with Editions At Play. We've selected Brave New World, by Aldous Huxley, as our banned book. Deemed anti-family, anti-religious, extremely blasphemous and sexually explicit, Brave New World was banned in Australia between 1932–1937, with all copies held in Australian libraries ordered back to be burned. The parts that make this book so controversial are also what make it so successful in critiquing a future reduced to passivity.



01 march 2017

Prior to leaving Creative Lab, we had been working on a digital book with Joanna Walsh & Charlotte Hickson. It's called Seed – due to be released really, really soon on Editions At Play. Seed is a dark and sinister story that unfolds around an unmentionable event. Follow different threads through the book and you'll find that no two readings are the same. Check out the trailer here.